We are settled in our new location at 515 Century Street in Winnipeg. Please come visit our storefront.

Why Baraka Shea Butter?

Why Baraka Shea Butter? Well it's simple really. Because I care about who's making the ingredients I use in my products. Because I'm not ok with children, women, and men working their fingers to the bone for a pittance so that I can get cheap shea butter. Because I care that these ingredients are cultivated with sustainability in mind.

An added bonus is the incredible quality of this shea butter; it is the creamiest, least greasy and most luxurious shea butter I've ever tried! Why does that matter? In creams and body butters it's obvious why it matters right? Same goes for soaps; the better more nourishing the ingredients are that go into the soap, the better, more nourishing the soap!

Baraka is a Canadian Company based in BC, a husband and wife team, people who truly care about the families in Ghana who make the shea butter. In fact Baraka Shea Butter is involved in community improvement projects such as schooling for girls. This is truly a partnership for the good of all involved not simply a financial bottom line.

I am honoured to use Baraka Shea Butter in all my products. Check out Facebook.com/barakasheabutter for more information on this wonderful product!