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Luxury Hand Made Natural Bath & Body


The deodorant is totally working for my stinky boys. They sometimes forget to use it, which makes them stinky, but they mostly remember now and it's amazing how well it works- they are so very active and sweaty and stinky, and the stuff really works... I feel so relieved knowing that something that works so well is also doing no harm to their bodies. They actually like the feel of it on their skin, which is great testimony from teenage boys"!


"The only soap I use at home...absolutely love the products, and they smell so damn good"! 


"Just wanted to let you know I've been LOVING my soaps and my deodorant...thanks so much"!


"We love the soaps and the under arm deodorant is amazing. Thank You"!


"I've had problems with acne my entire life. Since using your cheeky soap I love my skin. Thank you"! 


"I am very happy with all of your products and I appreciate your customer service".


"Everything I've tried smells divine and does a really good job of moisturizing. I've tried the Curly Hair Shampoo Bar, Illicio Soap, and the Perky face cream. I have a problem with dry hair and the shampoo bar really helps add some moisture. The soap and face cream make my face feel so smooth. And I love that the packaging is biodegradable".


"I love them, especially the eggnog soap"!


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