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Jacked Up Jill Coffee

Jacked Up Jill Coffee

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We are a Winnipeg based coffee roasting company. We roast in small batches of 25 pounds.

With hundreds of separate aromas, coffee roasting is extremely complex. It takes years to perfect the art of roasting it. We are extremely fortunate to have partnered with a professional whose passion and experience of 25 years will be evident in every roast you try, in every cup you brew.

We guarantee the high quality of our carefully selected beans from around the world. We seek out farms who engage in ethical practices.


Jacked Up Jill has women on her mind and offers fuel for her climb.

While everyone drives in their chosen lane, many girls and young women have a steeper hill to climb. There are obstacles and road blocks. The existing rules of the road often hinder their progress.

Jacked Up Jill takes notice of the adventure takers who create their own path. They are fuelled by strong will and their inner compass.

Through mentorship and sisterhood we help girls and young women find their individual voices and unique paths. We call out to our brothers for reinforcement.

We climb the hill together with our Cuppa Jill in hand.