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Jacked Up Jill Coffee

Jacked Up Jill Coffee

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We are a Winnipeg based coffee roasting company. We roast in small batches of 25 pounds.

With hundreds of separate aromas, coffee roasting is extremely complex. It takes years to perfect the art of roasting it. We are extremely fortunate to have partnered with a professional whose passion and experience of 25 years will be evident in every roast you try, in every cup you brew.

We guarantee the high quality of our carefully selected beans from around the world. We seek out farms who engage in ethical practices.

Our coffees explained:

Cuppa Jill is our signature blend; organic ethiopian, citrus, apricot, foral

Mrs. & Mr. Jill is our dark roast; modern mocha java blend

Velvet Hammer is our espresso blend; milk chocolate, almond, citrus

Dame De Pique is our french roast; smoky, toasted carbon

Glow Getter is our light roast; medium body, citrus

Jill of All Trades is our city roast; full bodied, nutty, sweet

Unjacked is our columbian decaf; full bodied, nutty, sweet, city plus roast

Chill Jill is our cold brew blend; full body, caramel, chocolate

Elevate Her is our medium roast; sweet, balanced, with mild acidity

Glitter Not Bitter is our holiday city roast, cocoa, molasses, caramel

Self-Made is our medium roast from Satipo, Peru; Fairly traded and organic; cocoa, molasses, caramel