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Magnetic Lashes

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Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner (This kit comes with an eyelash tool, 3 pairs of Magnetic Eyeliner (re-usable up to 30 times) and a Magnetic Eyeliner: 


  1. Shake the Magnetic Eyeliner 10-20 times
  2. Apply the Magnetic Eyeliner to eyelids, repeat, wait 30-60 seconds to dry. For extra Magnetic hold, we recommend putting 3 layers of eyeliner and wait to dry.
  3. Pick up the eyelashes with the tool provided or your fingertips and gently start from the inner corner of your eyeliner line and then pat down gently

Tip: The Magnetic Eyelashes may be cut if they are too wide, cut horizontally but be sure to cut as close as you can to the magnet. Make sure there is a magnet at each end of your magnetic eyelashes, so ends do not sick up while wearing them.